School Nursing

What is a School Nurse?

School Nurses are Registered Nurses with an additional public health qualification.  They lead teams of Community Registered Nurses and School Nurse assistants to deliver a core programme of services for children and young people of school age (4-19 years). 

Where do School Nurses work?

School Nurses work across range of settings, including schools, academies, free schools, special schools, home educated and teaching and learning units.

What do School Nurses offer for children 4-11?

  • Health Needs Assessment. This is carried out using a simple health questionnaire which is sent to parents of reception children and also to pupils and their parents in Y6.  This identifies those in need of advice and support for a range of health issues.
  • National Child Measurement Programme which offers all parents the opportunity to have their children weighed and measured.
  • Hearing screening in reception year.

What do school nurses offer young people aged 11-19?

  • Transition assemblies to Y7 pupils outlining what they can expect from their school nurse at secondary school.
  • HPV vaccination programme for Y8 girls.
  • Drop-in clinics for pupils, offering for example, support for emotional health and wellbeing,  dietary advice and lifestyle choices.
  • Clinic in a box (sexual health services).  This includes C card registration and dispensing (condoms), pregnancy testing, chlamydia screening and provision of levonelle ('œthe morning after pill').  Clinic in a box is delivered in some secondary schools in the drop-in clinic and in some community clinics. School Nurses are trained to assess that young people accessing clinic in a box services are safe and protected from abuse.
  • Sex and Relationships education.

What do school nurses deliver in the community?

School nurses run wellbeing clinics at health centres and children's centres across the county.  They are able to offer parents advice and support on:

  • Weight management
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Continence, including enuresis (bedwetting)
  • Advice, signposting and referral for parenting, behaviour management and additional needs.


Promoting and protecting the wellbeing of children and young people lies at the heart of all School Nursing activities.  School Nurses have the knowledge and skills to recognise and report any signs of harm or abuse.  They work in partnership with other agencies to support parents, carers and families to keep children safe.

How do I contact my School Nurse team?

Louth01507 608342 ext 242
Spilsby01790 752609
Boston01205 367358 option 5
Spalding01775 652146
Bourne/Stamford01778 394185
Grantham01476 590805 x 218
Sleaford  01529 306541
Lincoln 01522 502010
Gainsborough01427 810801