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This Equality & Diversity Website is for the use of both the public and LCHS Staff.

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) provides community healthcare services for the population of Lincolnshire, one of the largest healthcare communities in the country, covering an area of 2,350 square miles and a population of 723,000.

LCHS embraces the diversity of people from all groups in our society, regardless of age, race, religion, belief, disability, gender (including transgender) or sexual orientation. We are committed to eliminating unlawful discrimination by ensuring that the values underpinning equality, diversity and human rights are central to our policy making, service planning, employment practices and community engagement and involvement. Putting our patients first:

FOCUS    – improve clinical outcomes

IMPACT   - making a difference to the lives in our care

RESPECT - Respect your decisions and listen and respond

                to preferences as well as need

SAFETY   - Create a safety culture throughout the


TEAM      - Be proud to be part of team LCHS

Although health overall is improving, we know that unacceptable health inequalities persist between different communities in the region. As a Community Health Service, we are in a powerful position to make a lasting difference to the health and well-being in Lincolnshire.

As a major employer, we also want to act as good corporate citizens, working for the welfare and cohesion of our workforce.  In spite of progress in employment standards, certain groups remain under-represented in the NHS workforce and also experience difficulty in gaining promotion and making career progress.

Although we have made some gains in embedding equality and diversity as an integral part of the organisation, we still have much to do. As well as fulfilling our statutory responsibilities, we also need to make sure that people in Lincolnshire experience real improvements in health and well-being. We would like Lincolnshire to be acknowledged and recognised nationally as a leader of equality and diversity in the workplace, and more importantly in the delivery of high quality healthcare services for all.