Race Equality Scheme

LCHS is committed to provide equal access to information for everyone in the community.
The purpose of the Race Equality Scheme is to demonstrate how we intend to meet the General Duty under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000.

 Race Equality Scheme

The Race Equality Scheme is adapted in response to consultation with staff, patients and carers, and the wider community.


The Race Relations Act 1976 as amended by the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

The Race Relations Act (RRA) makes it unlawful to treat a person less favourable than another on racial grounds.

This law applies to:

  • Employment
  • Goods
  • Facilities and services

It also applies to some functions carried out by public authorities. These cover grounds of:

  • Race
  • Colour
  • Nationality (including citizenship)
  • National or ethnic origin

The Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000

The Race Relations Act 2000 outlawed discrimination and victimisation in all public authority functions not previously covered by the act and placed a general duty on specified public authorities to promote race equality and good race relations.