Workforce Monitoring


LCHS ensures that our workforce represents the people that we serve so that we can be as responsive as possible. We regularly monitor our workforce data to help us identify where we need to focus efforts in attracting people to work for us.

We do this by monitoring:

  • applicant numbers;
  • shortlists and appointed profile types of jobs being undertaken by disabled people;
  • grades and salary levels;
  • training courses attended;
  • career progression;
  • the outcome of performance appraisals;
  • disciplinary action;
  • reports of disability harassment (and how resolved);
  • duration of employment;
  • numbers in full or part-time work;
  • numbers leaving giving reasons, including redundancy;
  • dismissal, ill health;
  • retirement.

Annual Report

Because monitoring our workforce is a requirement under equalities legislation, information about our staff breakdown, what potential issues might be highlighted by these figures, and what we intend to do about any potentially discriminatory themes are contained in the following documents:

  Appendix A (Commissioning) of the Equality and Diversity Annual Report 2008-9

  Appendix B (Provider Services) of the Equality and Diversity Annual Report 2008-9


This document shows the Workforce Monitoring figures for Lincolnshire Community Health Services from 2010-11.

     Workforce Monitoring



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