Celebrating Success 2023

Help celebrate the efforts of our local NHS community trust by putting staff and volunteers forward for Celebrating Success Awards 2023. The winners will be revealed in November at the trust’s annual staff awards ceremony, Celebrating Success 2023.

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For teams and individuals dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and an exceptional level of service above and beyond the call of duty, doing something innovative or demonstrating compassion and making a difference to someone’s care.

This award recognises the incredible dedication of those who volunteer to support our services. We are looking for a volunteer who supported LCHS teams and had positive impact on patients or staff and who helped patients to access particular services or supported delivery of safe, high quality services.

For teams and individuals who provided exceptional opportunities for patients to get involved in the development or improvement of their care or service, coproduction and who ensured patient feedback is used to help shape their service. The award is also for providing personalised care and recognising what matters to patients. This award will also recognise teams and individuals who improved patient experience, quality or safety as a result of involving patients and service users.

For individuals, teams or staff networks in recognition of dedication to ensuring that equality and inclusion lie at the heart of their day to day work either by working with service users and patients or by supporting colleagues via involvement in staff networks. This award recognises commitment to the LCHS Way and valuing everyone, particularly with regard to the Equality Act and protected characteristics.

For an individual or a team, clinical and non-clinical who demonstrated creativity and innovative thinking to develop and successfully implement an improvement or innovation which has made a positive difference to patients or staff. This can relate to delivering financial or efficiency savings, improving sustainability of services, delivering new ways of working and sharing best practice.

This award is not just for those in a management position, anyone at any level can be a leader and make a difference. This award recognises someone who leads and empowers others to stretch themselves and is helping people to be the best they can be. This person created an environment where ideas and aspiration can thrive to deliver excellent services or they showed an ability to work in partnership to provide integrated care or services.

There will be two awards, to recognise clinical and non-clinical colleagues. The Unsung Hero award is awarded to a member of staff or a volunteer for performing above and beyond the call of duty, delivered high quality customer service at all times to staff or patients or those who deserve to be recognised for a specific project, task or duty.

There will be two awards, to recognise clinical and non-clinical teams. For a team which has worked together to support each other and which has contributed to improving the experiences of patients and/or colleagues. We are looking for a team which adapted to change with shared determination and can-do attitude, and which is an LCHS ambassadors at all times.

This award will be determined by Malcolm Burch, LCHS Chair for all received entries in 2023 Celebrating Success Staff and Volunteer Awards

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