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Volunteer Newsletter

Welcome to your first LCHS Volunteer Newsletter

We will send this to you monthly to keep you up to date with what is happening in the Trust.

We welcome your contributions so please tell us what you’d like included or send articles about your volunteering experience.

Sally Darley

I’m Sally Darley and I have 10 years of experience delivering services and working with volunteers at the Stroke Association. I am now excited to be leading the development of our Volunteering Services at LCHS.

This is a new role and I’ll be working closely with your managers to help them support you in your roles. I’m really keen on hearing your views so please do get in touch with suggestions or ideas.

Email: Sally.darley@nhs.net

Mobile: 07812515130

Returning to volunteering

It’s been a while since you’ve been able to volunteer and, as you know, things may continue to be a little different. As we start to welcome back volunteers, there are a few things that we need to do to prepare:

  • Your manager will do a COVID risk assessment with you
  • You will have some refresher training including Infection Prevention and Control for Volunteers
  • Check that your DBS certificate and ID badge is in date and get in touch if you need a renewal
  • Help shape volunteering at LCHS

Would you like to be part of our Volunteer Forum? I’m looking for volunteers who can meet with me every 2 months for 60-90 minutes. The aim of the forum is:

  • To consult on changes to our volunteering policies, processes and resources
  • To pilot developments in volunteer training
  • To feedback on communication with volunteers
  • To input into how the trust recognises and celebrates volunteering

Please get in touch with Sally if you’re interested.

Additional Volunteering Opportunities

Would you like to be a patient partner? We’re looking for people who can get involved with helping us to develop the trust. Your unique insight as a patient or carer is extremely valuable. We will soon have patient partner roles available for the following activities:

  • Staff interview panels
  • Patient safety
  • Digital Access to Healthcare

Volunteer newsletter

A message from Maz Fosh, Chief Executive

I would like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for taking generously donating your time and talent to support LCHS.

At LCHS, all our volunteers are hugely valued, and I’d like to extend a big thank you for your dedication and hard work. Your volunteer work makes such a difference to our team, patients and families.

Thank you,

Maz Fosh

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate renewal

All volunteers have been away from their duties for a long time now so we will be renewing all DBS certificates.

We'll be in contact with you about the process. It's a digital process now and we can do the ID checking remotely too. This usually makes the process quicker and easier.

Cardiac rehab volunteers

It was fantastic to meet LCHS volunteers face to face this month. Volunteers from the Bourne area were invited to meet with Cardiac Rehab staff for a team meeting.

It was great to see the full team together making plans for resuming the face to face aspect of the service. It was clear that volunteer roles will change slightly as the physical set up will not be the same and of course, keeping everyone safe is our priority.

However, more opportunities to get involved with digital delivery of sessions is an exciting possibility. The Cardiac Rehab teams are keen to hear volunteer views on the development of the programme and the volunteer roles.

You can contact the team on LHNT.CardiacRehab@nhs.net or call 01522 449900.

Help us maintain our high quality patient experience

We are recruiting to our team of 15 Steps Volunteers.

15 Steps is a way to capture the first impressions of a service by gathering observations about the care environment and talking to patients and staff about the care provided.

The purpose of 15 Steps is to:

  • Provide a way of understanding patients’ first impressions more clearly
  • Help staff, patients and others to work together to identify improvements

This opportunity is a great way to observe other LCHS services and to be involved in improving quality at LCHS. They are one off visits with no regular commitment although volunteers will be required to commit to a minimum of three visits per year.

Please get in touch with lhnt.volunteer4lchs@nhs.net for a role description or ring Sally on 07812515130 for more information.

Training - 4 October

We're looking forward to seeing everyone who is attending our refreshed volunteer induction session on 4 October.

We'll be trying out a blended approach, which means that some of us will be in the room and some will be joining remotely via Microsoft Teams.

Our Learning and Development team are experts in delivering this way but we'd really like your feedback about the content and the experience before we deliver it to new recruits.

Keeping in touch

Please complete this quick survey about how you would like to keep in touch with your fellow LCHS volunteers.

Volunteer newsletter

Meet Dawn Kay - volunteering service administrator

Hi, I’m Dawn Kay, volunteering service administrator.

I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can, either in person or virtually at one of our volunteer refresher induction sessions.

When you meet me, you will find my accent gives me away as being from Yorkshire originally, but I’ve been living in Lincoln for the past 3 years.

I’ve been a volunteer myself many moons ago at Doncaster Women’s Aid as well as encouraging others to get involved in volunteering and experience the benefits of this themselves. For me the key benefits were focused on giving me a purpose and structure to my day.

I’m in my element at the moment as autumn is my favourite season. I love the rich colours and I’ve got the perfect excuse to get out the “snuggle” jumpers, cook and eat some of my favourite comfort foods, stew, dumplings and parkin are top of the list.

You can contact me either by email lhnt.volunteer4lchs@nhs.net or phone 07581012627 with any questions, suggestions or support needs relating to your volunteer role or volunteering in general.

Looking forward to meeting you soon, probably with a slice of parkin in hand!

Volunteer training

It was great to see volunteers in person and on Teams for a training session on 4 October. As well as refresher training, it was great to see how everyone enjoyed meeting others from different parts of the county and learning about their volunteering for LCHS and other organisations. If you weren't able to attend, we'll be in contact with more opportunities.

We know that there are quite a few changes to volunteering post-COVID including new staff contacting you, changes to the groups or services that you volunteer for and changes to the training that we offer.

Please be reassured that all staff at LCHS are here to support you in your role and to make your volunteering experience a really positive one. So please do get in touch if you have any concerns.

New volunteering opportunities

We’re currently recruiting for volunteers at Skegness Community Hospital. Volunteers will support staff and patients on our wards.

This is a great role for those with great communication skills and can have a huge impact on a patient’s hospital stay.

If you know anyone who might be interested or you’re interested yourself, please get in touch with the volunteering team to find out more.

LCHS Facebook network for volunteers

Most volunteers said that they would rather a volunteer specific network rather that joining that staff network. So we've set up a group.

This is a closed group for LCHS volunteers with a small number of staff from our volunteering team and our communications team. If you'd like to join, click here to become a member.

This is great way to stay in touch with other volunteers in the Trust, if that's something that you're interested in.

Volunteer newsletter

Meet Jayne Curtis, Volunteer Group Supporter

I attended the Pulmonary Rehabilitation group as a patient during the start of the COVID-19 announcements. I spoke to Anna Krynicka, who runs the group, about how much I was going to miss attending and she asked if I would like to volunteer and help in future groups.

Originally, it was to make cups of tea and help generally where I could but unfortunately this changed due to COVID-19. The groups stopped meeting face to face, and I was then shielding myself. I decided to spend my time making scrubs for Lincolnshire NHS.

Now the groups are running face to face again, I continue to volunteer. I save the staff time where I can, by cleaning equipment and taking temperatures as patients arrive.

I help patients by sitting with them while they do their exercises. The NHS has been pushed to the limit and to help a little, where I can, is so satisfying as well as enjoyable.

E-learning for health

E-learning for Health is the training portal run by NHS Health Education England (HEE). They provide lots of interesting training resources including e-learning modules for NHS volunteers.

At LCHS, we're using these as our mandatory training programme. If you're an existing volunteer or a patient partner, you'll need to refresh by completing four of the units.

  • Data Security Awareness for Volunteers
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights for Volunteers
  • Safeguarding Adults for Volunteers
  • Health, Safety and Infection Prevention and Control for Volunteers

Volunteers who are new to the Trust will complete the full course.

Thanks to those who can done this already and sent us your certificates. If you haven't done it yet, you can register by going to the VLP Hub website.

Please get in touch if you need any help at all.

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LCHS Volunteer Network on Facebook Thank you to those who have joined our LCHS Volunteer Network on Facebook.

Please do post and comment to get things going. It's your network so tell us what you'd like to see and don't be afraid to get involved. If you'd like to join, you can do so, here.

New volunteering opportunities

We're are delighted to advertise some new volunteering opportunities at LCHS. We're currently recruiting for:

Community Hospital Volunteers at Gainsborough and at Skegness

Communication Support Volunteer with Children's Therapy Team - Lincoln or Spalding

If you're interested or you know anyone who might be, please get in touch with us: lhnt.volunteer4LCHS@nhs.net.

Volunteer Newsletter

Expanding our Volunteering Service

Our volunteering service continues to expand and we've recently advertised new roles at the Urgent Treatment Centre and with our Stroke Service. We still have vacancies with our Pulmonary Rehab exercise groups if you'd like to get involved. They are in:

  • Gainsborough
  • Louth
  • Hogsthorpe
  • Grantham
  • North Kyme
  • Bourne
  • Sibsey

Unfortunately, our cardiac rehab groups have not been able to take place due to staff being redeployed during the recent COVID-19 wave.

The groups will start back again at the end of this month but with reduced numbers. We hope to be able to involve our cardiac rehab volunteers again later in the spring. Feel free to consider our other opportunities in the meantime.

Get Fit this February and raise money to support patient care!

Lots of us struggle with motivation to get off the sofa, eat healthier and get fitter especially when it's cold, wet and windy outside. We have found that a real motivation booster is having to be responsible for keeping it up to other people.

So why not take up our challenge to 'Get Fit in Feb' by making a pledge to exercise, getting sponsorship and raising money to support your local NHS services whilst getting fitter in the process?!

Our very own Volunteering Services Administrator, Dawn Kay, has signed up and pledged to do 30 minutes of exercise each day. Go Dawn!

To find out more about this challenge and other ways to support our charity, visit the website or follow on social media.

Welcome to the team

We'd like to welcome Jane, Rosemary, Julia, Glenn, and Sandra who have joined us as patient partners.

They will help the trust to work on quality and improving patient experience. Sandra will also support the Pulmonary Rehab team in Horncastle by supporting their groups.

We also have Ellie and Nicole joining the Children's Therapy. They will be producing personalised booklets for children who need support with communicating.

We really look forward to hearing how everyone gets on in these new roles over the coming months.

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LCHS Volunteer Network on Facebook Thank you to those who have joined our LCHS Volunteer Network on Facebook.

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