Monthly column: Andrew Morgan, chief executive

27th June 2018

With just over a week to go until the 70th anniversary of the NHS, it would be remiss of me not to give the occasion the column inches it firmly deserves!

I feel very privileged to have spent 36 years working in the NHS, having started my career as a clerical officer in Dorset in 1982.

I was asked recently by a colleague about what made me proud about the NHS. Although it caught me a little on the hop, I did not hesitate with my answer. No matter where I have worked, within commissioning services, providing services, with the ambulance service or in my current role with Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), it has always been person-centred.

Whether it is someone’s family member or friend, you always remain focused on the person receiving the care. It reminds us about what is important, drives us to be better and, in my opinion, is why the NHS remains a British treasure.

There are lots of events happening in Lincolnshire to celebrate the anniversary, including a number of NHS 7Tea parties. Not only do these give us a great excuse to celebrate and enjoy a brew and a slice of something nice, it is also an opportunity to raise money for NHS charities, such as our LCHS Charitable Fund. This is an independent charity, which helps to enhance services and facilities with items which would otherwise not be funded by the NHS.

Over the past year, a few of the many items the charity has provided includes toys for the children's room at Skegness Urgent Care Centre, treadmills for our Cardiac Rehabilitation Service, an ultrasound bladder scanner for County Hospital, Louth, and Christmas decorations to brighten up wards for those in our care over the festive season.

If you can, please do support these fabulous events or consider hosting your own. Keep your eyes peeled for news about those happening near you or contact our Charitable Funds team on or 01522 3088783 for details of how to get involved.

Thank you for your unrelenting support for local NHS services.