Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination

This is the vaccination offered to pupils in Year 8 (aged 12-13) to help prevent cancers caused by HPV. It is given by an injection in the upper arm. For pupils who are under 15 a two – dose schedule is used with the second dose being given a year after the first.

From Sept 2019, the vaccination will be offered to all pupils in Year 8 (aged 12-13) with the first dose being given during year 8, the second being given during year 9.

Current research suggests that for girls over 15 years a three - dose schedule is more effective with the second dose one month after the first, and a third dose four-six months after the second.

HPV leaflet

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HPV Presentation 2018

Having the vaccination

Having the vaccination

The HPV vaccination is offered routinely to all girls in year 8. From September 2019 the vaccination will also be offered to boys.

Two doses are needed for pupils aged 12-14; the second dose is given in Year 9.

For girls who are 15 years or older when they have their first dose, a three dose schedule is required. This is because the response to two doses in older girls is not as good, so three doses are required to develop full immunity.

Side effects

Like most vaccinations, the side effects to HPV vaccination are usually quite mild.

Soreness, swelling and redness of the arm are common but wear off in a couple of days. More serious side effects are very rare.

Click on the patient information leaflet for more details.

HPV Information Leaflet

Giving Consent

You will receive a letter from school via e-mail giving detials of how to give consent using an online consent form. The consent form is for both doses.

Therefore Year 9s who are due to have their second dose do not need to return another consent form.

Girls aged 15-17 years who have never received a HPV vaccination will need three doses to achieve full immunity.

Boys born before 01/09/2006 are not entitled to the HPV vaccines through the School Immunisation Service, however they may be entitled to it elswhere.

For more information about HPV vaccination, please visit and/or read the HPV leaflet

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