Pulmonary Rehabilitation (Roughton Parish Hall)

How to be referred?

Referrals are accepted from:

  • LCHS Respiratory Services
  • Secondary Care Respiratory Team
  • Respiratory Physiotherapists
  • GPs
  • Nurse Practitioners and Practice Nurses
  • Case managers
  • Complex Case Managers and Allied Health Professionals

Referral forms are accepted via the operations centre LHNT.LCHSreferrals@nhs.net.

Waiting times for the rehabilitation classes vary depending upon location, but patients can attend whichever venue they choose.

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service delivers programmes of education and exercise for patients with Chronic Respiratory Disease across the county.

Description of Service

The pulmonary rehabilitation programmes consist of tailored exercise for each individual, along with a comprehensive educational programme. The focus is on improving physical fitness, exercise tolerance, breathlessness management, quality of life and mood state.

Elements of the Service

The patient has an initial assessment by the team’s specialist clinicians and, if deemed suitable, participates in a group exercise and education class. Each class is two hours long; patients attend two sessions a week for eight weeks, followed by a final assessment.

At any stage of the service, patients can be signposted, where necessary, to other healthcare providers, to support their attendance on the programme, and to improve their ongoing management.

Patient Support Groups

Post pulmonary rehabilitation support groups have been set up in Lincolnshire to support ongoing exercise and social interaction; current venues are Skegness, Roughton, Surfleet and Gedney.

These are in addition to the Breathe Easy Support groups in Lincoln, Gainsborough, and Grantham.