Peterborough Urgent Treatment Centre

Peterborough Urgent Treatment Centre
City Care Centre
Thorpe Road

01733 847090 and 01733 847091

Opening Times:
Seven days a week: 08:00 to 20:00


When you arrive at the Urgent Treatment Centre, we will ask you to maintain social distancing. Please follow relevant signs and instructions.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Specialist treatment with no appointment necessary

Access to diagnostics including x-ray and blood tests seven days a week

Our Urgent Treatment Centre will see anyone that does not require an ambulance or a visit to an Emergency Department but whose complaint is too urgent for a routine appointment with their GP. You do not need an appointment to attend the Urgent Treatment Centre and there is no need to ring us before coming.

You may be sent to the Urgent Treatment Centre by a healthcare professional such as your GP, midwife, pharmacist, one of our ambulance crews or NHS 111.

Peterborough Urgent Treatment Centre provides treatment for a wide range of minor injuries and urgent medical problems including:

Minor injuries

•           Sprains, strains, muscle or joint injuries

•           Suspected broken bones (fractures)

•           Minor head injuries – bumps, bruises and wounds

•           Cuts, grazes and wounds – needing sutures (stitches), steri-strips orwound glue

•           Back or neck pain

•           Minor burns and scalds

•           Eye problems – infections, scratches and items stuck in the eye

•           Removal of foreign bodies such as splinters, glass, or hearing aid tips

Minor illnesses

•           Minor infections – sore throats, earache, high temperatures and urine infections

•           Asthma and chest infections, coughs or bronchitis

•           Allergies – hayfever, hives and reactions to bites and stings

•           Nausea and vomiting

•           Diarrhoea and constipation

•           Skin rashes, shingles and chickenpox

•           Dental pain

•           Pregnancy related conditions

•           Conditions affecting young children, including those under the age of two

For more serious conditions including chest pain or breathing problems you should always dial 999 or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

The team at Peterborough Urgent Treatment Centre has access to x-ray facilities. Some medication can be issued from stock whilst other medication will be issued on prescription. Prescription charges will apply unless exempt from payment. The Urgent Treatment Centre will not issue prescriptions for over-the-counter items.

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