Annual Public Meeting

Our Annual Public Meeting for 2022 took place on Wednesday, 5 October, at 13.00.

This is a virtual event was broadcasted live via Microsoft Teams.

To watch the meeting, please click here.

Approved minutes of the Annual Public Meeting 2021. The minutes were approved in the 2022 meeting.

The Annual Public Meeting reflected on performance, progress and achievement during the 2021/22 financial year (1 April, 2021 to 31 March, 2022).

Questions can be accepted until Friday, 30 September. We request that there is only one question per person. 

Subject matter for questions

The Chair reserves the right to refuse any written question that:

  • is not within the powers and duties of the Trust to answer
  • is defamatory or offensive, or related to individual members of staff
  • would require the disclosure of confidential or exempt information
  • is deemed to be overtly political
  • does not relate to LCHS business conducted within the business year 2021/22
  • is substantially the same as a question that has been answered before
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