Tissue Viability Service


Specialist services are now planning for restoration and recovery.

During this period we continue to triage patients referred to us offering support via education leaflets, websites, telephone and digital consultations. Face to face home visits are available for essential visits only.

Description of Service

The Tissue Viability Service provides specialist assessment, advice and support to adults on all aspects of preventative wound care as well as specialist advice for existing wounds.

Elements of the Service

Wound care clinics provide assessment and ongoing management for patients with complex wounds. Expertise provided is above that of a generalist practitioner in community and primary care, care home or community hospital setting.

The service is also able to access support and to refer to other specialist services such as dermatology, lymphoedema, and vascular services.

The Tissue Viability Service is not a dressing service and does not supply wound care products.

Referral Details

Referrals are accepted from health or social care professionals.

Beech House
Witham Park
Waterside South

Telephone: 0300 123 4868

Email: lhnt.lchsreferrals@nhs.net.

Pressure Ulcers (pressure sores)

Pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores) occur when the skin and surrounding tissue is damaged by medical devices or the weight of the body pressing down.

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Stop the Pressure - Resources for care homes 

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