Engagement Activity

Healthy Conversation 2019

Healthy Conversation 2019 is a discussion about what, and how, we need to change to ensure that our health, and health service is fit for the future. It will continue throughout the year. Formally, this is referred to as ‘engagement’ but in practice it’s simply a conversation between the NHS and you, the Lincolnshire public, about what is important to you, what feedback and experiences you want to share, and above all, how you would like to see our health service continue to improve.

Carers First Online Forum

Carers FIRST delivers the Lincolnshire Carers Service in partnership with the Lincolnshire County Council's Customer Service Centre. Together we provide a wide range of services to carers across the county

The forum is open 24/7 for carers to access and aims to give carers the opportunity to chat with others who may find themselves in similar situations, offer each other advice and support and share experiences and what helped them.

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