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Healthy Conversation 2019

Healthy Conversation 2019 is a discussion about what, and how, we need to change to ensure that our health, and health service is fit for the future. It will continue throughout the year. Formally, this is referred to as ‘engagement’ but in practice it’s simply a conversation between the NHS and you, the Lincolnshire public, about what is important to you, what feedback and experiences you want to share, and above all, how you would like to see our health service continue to improve.

Carers First Online Forum

Carers FIRST delivers the Lincolnshire Carers Service in partnership with the Lincolnshire County Council's Customer Service Centre. Together we provide a wide range of services to carers across the county

The forum is open 24/7 for carers to access and aims to give carers the opportunity to chat with others who may find themselves in similar situations, offer each other advice and support and share experiences and what helped them.

Gainsborough Integrated Neighbourhood Working Stakeholder Engagement

Integrated neighbourhood care teams and supporting ‘self-care’ networks bring together health and care professionals, the third sector, local authority and independent organisations within a local area.

This is a flagship programme within Lincolnshire’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership, which takes the best practice elements of existing neighbourhood teams and is building on them for the next phase to broaden integrated neighbourhood working to encompass prevention, supporting networks and the care team.

Gainsborough was identified as the first site with a further 13 teams and supporting networks to be developed countywide.

To support the pilot scheme in Gainsborough the core Neighbourhood Team collaborated with Voluntary Centre Services West Lindsey and Public Health colleagues to deliver a series of stakeholder engagement events designed to bring together the wide range of

organisations, support groups and health and social care providers that operate within

Gainsborough to support patients, carers and their families.

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Community Therapies Engagement

Following a successful application to the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists and East Midlands Regional Network, £500 of funding was received in order to undertake an involvement project which would ultimately improve patient experience of the service. The Community Therapies Team decided upon using an experience based co design (EBCD) approach to this piece of work based on the Kings Fund toolkit.

The experience based co design approach recognises that allowing patients and carers to share their stories freely without a prescriptive survey or predetermined questioning can often illicit information and observations that would otherwise not be captured.

EBCD involves gathering experiences from patients and staff through interviewing, observations and group discussions. A short edited film is created from the patient interviews. This is shown to staff and patients, conveying in an impactful way how patients experience the service. Staff and patients are then brought together to explore the findings and to identify and implement activities that will improve the service.

The approach was felt to be particularly appropriate for the community therapy service as most of the patients receive treatment in their own homes and can be hard to involve through other traditional engagement activities.

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Holbeach Clinic Engagement

This report collates the findings of patient engagement undertaken to inform the review of the utilisation of Holbeach clinic to deliver a number of community health services. This forms part of the LCHS Estates rationalisation plan.

Engagement activities included a patient & public survey, circulation of information and discussions with patients and carers.

Whilst patients generally understood the rationale behind the need to move delivery of LCHS services to alternative locations they identified concerns.

The main issue raised by patients accessing the podiatry and leg ulcer services was the requirement to travel further to access services. The service has tried to mitigate this with the provision of information regarding local volunteer car services.

There were 12 patients accessing Podiatry clinic each month and 6 using the leg ulcer clinic each week.

Patients accessing the Anti Coagulation service will be treated at an alternative location in Holbeach this venue was sourced and arranged by the service lead. Approximately 40 patients are using the anti-coagulation service each week.

The cardiac rehab team felt that there was no patient expectation to be seen at Holbeach and that the Johnson Hospital provided a suitable alternative venue for patients from local communities.

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North Thoresby Engagement

This report collates the findings of stakeholder engagement undertaken to inform the review of the Out of Hours service in North Thoresby. Activities included a patient & public survey and discussions with a range of stakeholders including Commissioners, GP colleagues, local Care Home managers and the Patient Participation Group. Healthwatch Lincolnshire and the Health Overview and Scrutiny committee for Lincolnshire have also been made aware of the review and subsequent engagement work.

Stakeholders were generally supportive of the key objectives but identified concerns and were keen to understand how LCHS would overcome these.

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