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The NHS Long Term Plan

The NHS is one of Britain’s greatest achievements and for 70 years its dedicated staff has been there for us.

A lot has changed since it was created in 1948, and today the NHS is responding to changes in society that were never expected, let alone planned for.

The Government has announced additional funding for the NHS and this means we can plan to make the NHS fit for the future for patients, their families and our staff.

The NHS Long Term Plan will make sure the NHS has a bright future ahead of it. We know that families work hard to pay their taxes and that’s why we will make sure every penny is invested on the things that that matter most, from providing high quality lifesaving treatment and care for our patients and their families, to reducing pressure on our hard working NHS staff and investing in exciting new technologies.

Constitutional and legal governance

Corporate governance is the system by which board-led organisations are directed and controlled. The authoritative point of reference regarding corporate governance is the UK Corporate Governance Code produced by the Financial Reporting Council.

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