Self Certification

NHS trusts are exempt from holding a provider licence, however directions from the Secretary of State require the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) to ensure that NHS trusts comply with conditions equivalent to the licence, as it deems appropriate.

The Standard Oversight Framework (SOF) uses the NHS provider licence as a basis for oversight. NHS trusts are therefore legally subject to the equivalent of certain licence conditions and have to self-certify in light of this.

There is no set process for assurance, or how conditions are met; it is at providers’ discretion as to how this is carried out. There is however a requirement for Trust Boards to sign off on compliance by 31st May for G6 and by 30th June for FT4. In addition, G6 self-certification must be published within a month of Board sign-off.

NHS Improvement (NHSI) have confirmed that they will undertake spot audits from July 2017 and will require selected trusts to demonstrate that they have carried out the self-certification process. The full guidance in relation to self-certification is attached for information.

Self Certification 2017-18



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