Our Trust Board

The overall purpose of the Trust Board is to take responsibility for leading, governing and managing the organisation and all of its services.

Led by an independent chair and composed of a mixture of both executive and independent non-executive directors, the Trust Board shapes the strategic direction, vision and purpose of the trust and ensures it delivers value for money services. The Trust Board is also responsible for assuring that risks to the organisation and the public are managed and mitigated effectively.

Questions from the public at board meetings

Questions are welcomed from members of the public and these can be submitted to the Trust Board by emailing lhnt.lchsecomms@nhs.net or by completing the form below.

Trust Board meetings, whilst held in public, are not public meetings. This means that the public are very welcome to view the broadcast and our Chair will conduct a short item before the start of each public Trust Board meeting to acknowledge and where possible respond to questions from the public which have been submitted in writing in advance of the meeting. Questions can be accepted until the Sunday before each Trust Board meeting.

Subject matter for questions

The Chair reserves the right to refuse any written question that:

  • is not within the powers and duties of the Trust to answer;
  • is defamatory or offensive, or related to individual members of staff;
  • would require the disclosure of confidential or exempt information;
  • Is deemed to be overtly political;
  • is substantially the same as a question that has been answered before.

The next Trust Board meeting will be held at 10am on:

Tuesday, 12 March

The meeting will be held in person. If you wish to attend, please contact: lhnt.lchsecomms@nhs.net or call the Chief Executive's Office on 01522 308686.

By clicking on the link below, we will have your email address and may contact you to ask about your experience of the meeting.

Meeting date Venue
Tuesday, 9 January Click here to watch a recording of the meeting
Tuesday, 12 March Virtual (link to be added soon)

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