Celebrating Success 2022 Staff and Volunteer Awards - Winners

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Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and especially this year's winners. Please see below the categories and the winners. 

People’s Award 

For teams and individuals dedicated to providing outstanding patient care and an exceptional level of service above and beyond the call of duty, doing something innovative or demonstrating compassion and making a difference to someone’s care.

Our finalists are The Butterfly Hospice Nursing Team, Lisa Cooper, Registered Nurse and Children and Young People's Rapid Response Respiratory Service.

Our winner is The Butterfly Hospice Trust Nursing Team.  A patient at the hospice said, they were amazed at the reception they received when they arrived and the first question was what they wanted for supper! This patient also said the staff were first class. Their attention and nursing care could not have been better. All staff were kind, professional, and attentive and treated the patient like family.  Jenna Mustill, clinical lead at the hospice was described as leading her team by demonstrating complete selflessness, tenacity and enduring optimism.

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Volunteer of the Year Award 

This award recognises the incredible dedication of those who volunteer to support our services. We are looking for a volunteer who supported LCHS teams and had positive impact on patients or staff and who helped patients to access particular services or supported delivery of safe, high quality services.

Our finalists are Jane Brown, Jayne Curtis, Bev Manson, Julia Richardson, Glenn Smith, Rosemary Smith and Isabel Stroubos.

Our winners are Jayne Curtis and Isabel Stroubos. 

Jayne was the first volunteer to re-start valuable face to face work after the pandemic. Despite her lung condition, she eagerly and enthusiastically attended pulmonary rehab sessions to help patients and staff to re-start exercises and education sessions. Jayne’s experience of living with lung conditions helps patients’ fears and difficulties of living with shortness of breath and is invaluable for her peers and clinicians.

Isabel has thrown herself into her role in the urgent treatment centre and helped us to learn and improve. She has contributed over 100 hours in five months and received the National Volunteering Certificate and the 100 hours LCHS recognition certificate. Most importantly Isabel consistently shows extra care and kindness to our patients at a time when they really need it.

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Patient Involvement and Experience Award

For teams and individuals who provided exceptional opportunities for patients, to get involved in the development or improvement of their care or service and who ensured patient feedback is used to help shape their service. This award will also recognise teams and individuals who improved patient experience, quality or safety as a result of involving patients and service users.

Our finalists are Rebecca Benton, Jasmine Day and Adam Hunt and the Musculoskeletal Strategic Delivery Plan Team.

Our winner are Jasmine Day and Adam Hunt. Digital Inclusion is a new service which is recognised nationally and is proving critical in supporting patients differently. Jasmine and Adam work directly with patients, helping them to receive care through digital routes, including using a mobile phone, laptop or the internet, to access remote consultation or use apps. The team has supported over 80 patients and ensures patient feedback is used to shape future services. This service has reduced the pressure on clinical services by supporting patients digitally.

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Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Award

For individuals, teams or staff networks in recognition of dedication to ensuring that equality and inclusion lie at the heart of their day to day work either by working with service users and patients or by supporting colleagues via involvement in staff networks. This award recognises commitment to the LCHS Way and valuing everyone, particularly with regard to the Equality Act and protected characteristics.

Our finalists are Joanna (Asia) Nind, David Rimmington, Vicky Rose and Lesley Wilkins.

Our winner is David Rimmington. David lives and breathes the LCHS way. He listens and engages with everyone he works with. He has shown dedication and passion, ensuring that people with a disability or a long-term condition have a voice. David has developed his knowledge and skills by becoming the chair of the Mental and Physical Lived Experience staff network. He nurtured the group, providing safe spaces for colleagues to talk and has made the MAPLE staff network a success.

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Innovation Award

For an individual or a team, clinical and non-clinical who demonstrated creativity and innovative thinking to develop and successfully implement an improvement or innovation which has made a positive difference to patients or staff. This can relate to delivering financial or efficiency savings, improving sustainability of services, delivering new ways of working and sharing best practice.

Our finalists are Debbie Leigh, Kirsteen Redmile and Bethany Searle and Rachel Stewart. 

Our winners are Bethany Searle and Rachel Stewart. Beth and Rachel created a new service for children with a severe anxiety disorder. Together they have shown dedication, determination and a passion to succeed in creating a comprehensive pathway to provide advice, support and intervention for children suffering with selective mutism. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with families reporting a great sense of relief that someone is listening to their needs and providing much needed support.

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Leader Award

This award is not just for those in a management position, anyone at any level can be a leader and make a difference. This award recognises someone who leads and empowers others to stretch themselves and is helping people to be the best they can be. This person created an environment where ideas and aspiration can thrive to deliver excellent services or they showed an ability to work in partnership to provide integrated care or services.

Our finalists are Natalie Mckee, Julie O'Rourke and Lynn Short.

Our winner is Julie O'Rourke. Julie stepped up to the challenge of leading and developing the new Urgent Community Response service. It now supports hundreds of patients to stay safely in their own homes rather than unnecessarily visiting an emergency department or urgent treatment centre. Julie is passionate, open minded and ambitious in ‘selling’ this service. She is motivated and always ready to try new ideas to maximise the impact this service offers to the Lincolnshire system.

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Unsung Hero Awards – Clinical and Non-Clinical

There will be two awards, to recognise clinical and non-clinical colleagues. The Unsung Hero award is awarded to a member of staff or a volunteer for performing above and beyond the call of duty, delivered high quality customer service at all times to staff or patients or those who deserve to be recognised for a specific project, task or duty. 

Our clinical finalists are Beverley Haywood, Jason Kettle and Frances Prescott.

Our winner is Frances Prescott. Frankey has introduced volunteers to Lincoln Urgent Treatment Centre (UTC). She's enthusiastic, positive and cares so much about her patients. In addition to her 12-hour shifts, managing a young family and studying, she has recruited and supervised volunteers in the UTC. Frankey worked with her large team of staff to help them understand how volunteers can support their work and how staff can support the volunteers. She is a great ambassador and advocate for the volunteering service.

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Our non-clinical finalists are George Allen, Samantha Frankland, Steve Jackson and David Rimmington. 

Our winner is Steve Jackson. This man single handily maintains the staffing for urgent and emergency care, which is very challenging. He is on hand when needed and staff love him. Steve also coordinates stock and facilities and is always there whenever you need him and always knows what to do or who to speak to. Steve is described as a loyal and hardworking individual.

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Team of the Year Awards - Clinical and Non-Clinical

There will be two awards, to recognise clinical and non-clinical teams.
For a team which has worked together to support each other and which has contributed to improving the experiences of patients and/or colleagues. We are looking for a team which adapted to change with shared determination and can-do attitude, and which is an LCHS ambassadors at all times.

Our clinical finalists are Children's Speech and Language Therapy, Lincolnshire Post-COVID Rehabilitation Service and Tissue Viability Team.

Our winner is Lincolnshire Post COVID Rehabilitation Service. Starting in December 2020 in response to the global pandemic, the service has grown to a team of 15 multidisciplinary staff, including occupational therapists, GPs, volunteers and research assistants. The service has job roles split between the acute trust, LCHS and the mental health trust and makes the most of digital innovations such as the Living With Long COVID app to allow virtual monitoring of patients. The service has supported over 1,300 people struggling with long COVID and has received fantastic results and feedback. 

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Our non-clinical finalists are Medical Devices Team, The Operations Centre and Volunteering Services.

Our winner is Volunteering Services. When the service was established all volunteering activities were suspended due to the pandemic so the team started from scratch, working out processes for attracting, recruiting, inducting and retaining volunteers. The team learnt what had worked in the past, what new opportunities could be facilitated due to COVID and how to safely bring back volunteers who were ready. The service is now flourishing with 51 volunteers on our books and recruiting for all service areas.

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Chair’s Award – Living the LCHS Way

This award will be determined by Elaine Baylis, LCHS Chair and can be any member of staff.

The winner of this year’s Chair’s award started her career in nursing in 1977, as a student nurse at Lincoln school of nursing. She then worked in acute hospitals, whilst bringing up two children, until she qualified as a midwife.

There were no substantive posts in midwifery at the time, so she found her home in community services and has been there ever since. This award winner has been with LCHS for almost 30 years and describes working for the trust as belonging to a big supportive family, that is there for you during the good and bad times.

She embodies all the values, beliefs and behaviours of LCHS. She will be retiring next March, so this our opportunity to celebrate and recognise her contribution to the NHS.

Our winner is Jayne Ashby.