Supporting our carers is one the quality priorities for the trust: Often carers do not receive the recognition and support they need and deserve from the NHS. LCHS is committed to identifying and supporting the vital roles that carers undertake and recognising that helping carers to provide better care and to stay well themselves will contribute to better lives for those needing care and more effective use of NHS resources.

How did the trust plan to address this priority?

  • Quantify the number of patients on caseloads with significant carer input and use the ‘relationship field’ on SystmOne to record carer numbers.
  • Signpost the carers who were identified to existing carer support services and networks siting support services.
  • Work with Lincolnshire County Council leads to support increased signposting and distribution of materials.

How has the trust measured its progress?

  • Carers First is the LCC led ‘umbrella’ network for carers’ networks and groups. The network includes 23 individual and different support groups. The Carers First lead has attended operational and clinical meetings with LCHS services including Neighbourhood Team leads. LCHS has also invited the LCC lead to discuss access and the resources that are available.
  • Carers First has provided leaflets / referral cards and posters to support the teams in raising awareness of the available resource.
  • Carers First has taken up the offer to have a presence in many LCHS community bases either for hot desking or as a main site.
  • Carers First has been participating in the MDT ward round on Digby Ward visiting the ward daily to offer advice and support to patients.

The trust’s ongoing aims:

LCHS teams have worked on the identification of carers of patient on the trusts caseloads. Relationships built over 2017/18, particularly with Carers First, will ensure carers continue to be signposted to wider services to provide help and support.

Understanding the complex needs of patients and ensuring those with carers are supported remains a high priority for the trust. All patients on referral into LCHS services receive a holistic assessment and information about care needs. This enables the trust to understand the full needs of its patients and where appropriate signpost them to further areas of wider support.

Members of Carers First are now working alongside LCHS teams within given neighbourhoods.

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Carers FIRST delivers the Lincolnshire Carers Service in partnership with the Lincolnshire County Council's Customer Service Centre. Together we provide a wide range of services to carers across the county.

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