LCHS Patient and Public Voice

At Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust we have been in an unprecedented position over the last few months responding to the national coronavirus pandemic.

In response, we have had to change the way we deliver healthcare in order to respond to the pandemic whilst still providing high quality services to our patients and keeping our staff safe. 

As we review our response to coronavirus we are keen to involve more patients and members of the public in shaping the way we deliver and improve our healthcare services.

We hope that the establishment of a patient voice panel will help us to do this. 

The patient voice panel will offer the opportunity to Lincolnshire residents to get involved in a variety of ways from sharing views and ideas via online surveys or reviewing patient literature to participation in focus groups and recruitment panels. 

If you would be interested in joining this Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust patient voice panel please complete the survey below.

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