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As a health employer, we understand the benefits of having apprentices within our workforce, they offer us a route to harness fresh new talent and develop our existing workforce. Apprenticeship Education Programmes are part of the Government’s commitment to build a better future for the country. At Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), not only do we employ apprentices as entry into the organisation, but we also offer ongoing apprenticeship training for staff at all levels. Our portfolio extends to the delivery of health and social care apprenticeships to other health and social care employers.

An apprenticeship education programme is an integrated work-based training and development programme designed around the needs of employers, reflecting required knowledge and competencies which lead to nationally accredited apprenticeship qualifications. Apprenticeships are seen by the Government as key in supporting future skills and economic recovery.

They are a way of:

  • Developing the skills of local people
  • Bringing young people into the workforce
  • Involving the local community in the delivery of local services
  • Training the organisation's current workforce and growing the workforce of the future
  • Increasing staff morale, productivity, and retention
  • Succession planning

Apprenticeship education programmes come in several levels. They are often equivalent to qualifications we more commonly hear of e.g. A level 2 intermediate apprenticeship is equivalent to 5 GCSE’s, a level 3 apprenticeship is equivalent to 2 A levels, a level 5 is equivalent to an undergraduate degree, a level 6 is equivalent to a degree and a level 7 is equivalent to a masters.

Internally, existing staff can develop their careers through these funded training programmes without changing their employment terms and conditions. Staff new to the trust may be employed as an apprentice on an apprentice contract so that they have an opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’.

We have employed a number of apprentices into a range of clinical and non-clinical positions with their learning ranging from level 2 to level 7. LCHS are able to deliver apprenticeships outside of the trust. Those offered internally and externally are detailed below:

Whilst we have highlighted several of the apprenticeships we currently have on offer, the apprenticeship programmes are constantly evolving to meet the future workforce needs of our own trust and that of our healthcare stakeholders.

For any enquiries about apprenticeships and apprenticeship job opportunities at LCHS, please email lhnt.apprenticeshipenquiries@nhs.net.

The trust has an integral apprenticeship centre that provides accredited apprenticeship training to learners across a number of programmes from level 2 to level 5. This is a fantastic opportunity for health and social care employers to have their workforce trained from within the health and social care sector.

The centre is rigorously inspected by a range of external organisations and holds accreditation for information, advice and guidance with Matrix and is also an affiliated member of Careers Development Institute.

The centre underwent an Ofsted full inspection in June 2021. The focus of these visits was across four main themes, overall effectiveness of provision and apprenticeship delivery. The outcomes for these are noted below.

Overall effectiveness


The quality of education


Behaviour and attitudes


Personal development


Leadership and management




This is a fantastic achievement and the centre is exceptionally proud of.

Ofsfed noted that apprentices are proud of their work within the NHS and the positive contribution they make to patient care, the high quality training and support means that apprentices are highly motivated. They are excited by the career opportunities that the apprenticeship has opened up for them and they are prepared for the next steps.

Leaders and managers design the curriculum well to develop their employees and fill skills gaps and the assessors have expert clinical and business knowledge and extensive experience within the NHS. Leaders and managers work closely with assessors to continue to improve the quality of training. Safeguarding is a high priority and leaders have appropriate policies and procedures in place to make sure apprentices know who to go to with concerns.

The full report can be viewed on Ofsteds website.

Email: lhnt.apprenticeshipenquiries@nhs.net

Call us: 01522 308775

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