Be Sex Savvy This Summer

3rd August 2016

Holiday season is now here, with many people going away on summer holidays.  

Although holidays are a chance to let our hair down, it is also important to stay safe, particularly when it comes to sexual health.

The mix of sun and alcohol and availability of others 'up for it' can lead people into risky situations. Think ahead and have a plan. Stay with friends in groups, know what is in your drink, and think 'SAFE SEX'.

Wendy Beckett, Health Advisor at Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) said: "If you are travelling abroad, take condoms with you from the UK, as condoms bought in some countries will not be manufacturerd to as high a standard and are more likely to split or break.

Condoms are freely available to pack in your case and take with you. Come along to one of our sexual health clinics and pick some up. If you have sex whilst on holiday don't leave them in your case....use them!"

Lincolnshire Integrated Sexual Health Service (LISH), part of LCHS, offers a flexible, non-judgemental, confidential service to anyone that needs it, for either sexually transmitted infections / HIV advice, screening and treatment and/or contraceptive health needs.

Wendy continues: "If you have been on holiday and taken risks, don't panic. Call the central booking line as soon as you can and talk it over with someone so that any test and/or treatment can be done at the optimum time.

For more information about available services, including FLY-BYE clinics, visit our website or call the central booking line on 01522 308800 .       

To access a video of Wendy Beckett, a Health Advisor at LCHS, visit