Seasonal Flu Vaccination Programme

All children of primary school age and all children who attend special schools are being offered an annual flu vaccination as part of a government programme to extend flu immunisation to children.

For most children, the vaccine is given as a simple nasal spray – no injections are involved. A very small number of children are not able to have the nasal spray for medical reasons. They will be offered the flu vaccination by injection to the upper arm. A member of the Immunisation Team will contact you if your child is unable to receive the nasal spray.

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If your child’s health changes between completing the consent form and the vaccination date, please inform your local immunisation team.

If your child is absent from school or unable to have the vaccine on the vaccination day there will be another opportunity for them to be vaccinated either at school or at one of the catch up clinics offered across the county.

Protecting your child against flu leaflet

Should you wish to discuss anything relating to the childhood flu vaccinations, visit our flu vaccinations FAQs page below.

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