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Skegness Hospital
Dorothy Avenue
PE25 2BS


01754 762 401

Service Details Opening Times
Gloucester Ward 24/7
Scarbrough Ward 24/7

Outpatient clinics, blood clinics and theatre appointments

Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust is continuing to facilitate blood clinics, outpatient clinics and theatre appointments in its community hospitals for NHS partners.

Appointments for outpatients and theatres are arranged through consultants or care providers, therefore, if you have any queries about your appointment, please telephone your care provider directly.

Appointments for blood tests can be made through Once you access the website, there are instructions on how to book your blood test.

If you can’t get on the internet you can call 01775 652083 for Skegness Hospital bookings.



Please note that there is currently a reduced availability for appointments in the Skegness area, and we’re working to resume the service as usual and provide more slots. Appointments are currently available on a week-by-week basis via the 10to8 booking system. If for any reason you are unable to see available appointments, please try again later as availability is updated on a regular basis.

Alternative clinics are also being offered in Boston.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work to make more appointments available in Skegness clinic.

There are two in-patient wards at Skegness Hospital. A 24 bed unit on Gloucester Ward and a 15 bed unit on Scarbrough Ward which includes three palliative care beds (for the relief of the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness).

The hospital supports patients back into the community, and their homes, by working closely with other services. If more specialist care is needed, the hospital staff have an arrangement to transfer patients into more acute care with United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

All health care and social service professionals can admit patients to the wards. There is also a self-referral system on Scarbrough Ward for patients who need specialist care at nearing the end of life.

The ward staff work hard to maintain a close working relationship with community colleagues, carers, patient friends and all those involved in caring for the patient.

Lymphoedema is a swelling of the tissues which occurs when fluid builds up due to poor lymphatic drainage. It can involve any part of the body, but is most common in the arms or legs.

Click here for more details about the Lymphoedema Service.

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Date last modified 31/05/2023