Children in Care

This service employs registered nurses and a health services coordinator to support children and young people living in Lincolnshire who are in the care of the Local Authority or placed into Lincolnshire by external authorities.

Elements of the service

We provide a quality specialist health service to meet the health needs of vulnerable children and young people, public care (0-19 years of age) within Lincolnshire.

We work with the designated nurse for safeguarding children, nurses for children in care, designated doctor for children in care, named doctors for safeguarding children and the Safeguarding Children Team.

The specialist nurse for children in care will provide professional leadership and contribute to the strategic and operational planning in relation to promoting quality health services to achieve better outcomes for children in care.

The team will work in partnership with health, education, secure unit staff and social care agencies, to support, develop and implement the training of foster carers, residential staff, social workers, health visitors and school nurses to improve health outcomes for children in public care.

We are an expert resource and advisor for Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust at the point of need, in order to promote a high standard of clinical practice to achieve better outcomes for children in care.

Referral Details

Referrals are accepted from health visitors, school nurses, GPs, paediatricians, the Child and Family Consultation Service, Social Care Education, hospital acute specialties and therapies.

Specialist and universal practitioners, child and adolescent mental health services can contact the service for specialist advice and support. Referral criteria apply.

Looked after children

CQC Review of Health Services for Children Looked After and Safeguarding in Lincolnshire.

CQC Review of Health Services for Looked After Children and Safeguarding in Lincolnshire - recommendations.

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