Cardiac Rehabilitation


Specialist services are now planning for restoration and recovery.

During this period we continue to triage patients referred to us offering support via education leaflets, websites, telephone and digital consultations. Face to face home visits are available for essential visits only.

What is cardiac rehabilitation?

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Service brings together a wide range of advice and support:

  • medical treatment
  • education
  • counselling/psychological support
  • exercise advice
  • healthy eating
  • work advice
  • risk factor modification

Secondary prevention is a preventive medicine that focuses on early diagnosis, use of referral services, and rapid initiation of treatment to stop the progress of diseases

Combining the above activities helps you to return to a full and active life and reduces your risk of further cardiac (heart problems) events.

Contact details

To contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Team please email or call 01522 449900.

  • Participation in cardiac rehabilitation classes has been proven to decrease the risk of a further event by up to 29% (SIGN guidelines)
  • Can reduce angina
  • Reduces risk in developing diabetes
  • Can help reduce your cholesterol
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Helps control blood sugars
  • Aids weight control along with sensible eating
  • Psychological well-being reducing stress and can help you relax
  • The heart becomes stronger as does the respiratory system
  • Increased demand on the muscles through exercise causes them to become more efficient and therefore need less oxygen
  • Can help you resume your social and vocational activities

In hospital

  • individual assessment of risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, poor diet or lack of exercise
  • individual assessment of risk stratification meaning the clinical team and individual make a decision together about the best form of aftercare
  • investigations as appropriate
  • ducation/information/contact details given
  • family support and information

The Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Service aims to help and support you on your return home and these are the benefits to you

  • After discharge follow-up by phone/home visit/clinic
  • Individual assessment/review of risk factors and risk stratification/exercise advice/vocational advice
  • Identify any problems/deterioration in condition
  • Review medication, optimise if appropriate
  • Offer psychological advice and support
  • Signposting to relevant agencies/disciplines
  • Discuss and agree an individual plan that you can manage yourself
  • To involve and support carers
  • Inform GP of involvement/advice given/changes/issues
  • Liaise with cardiologist as appropriate
  • Out patient education/exercise recovery programmes to aid your recovery
  • Individual exercise prescription and monitoring of progress
  • Low and moderate intensity exercise classes delivered
  • Home based walking programme
  • Review risk factor assessment/lifestyle change/vocational advice
  • Review/optimise medication if appropriate
  • Advice for long term maintenance of exercise and wellbeing
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