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Acupuncture Policy.pdf Additional Employment.pdf Admission Discharge and Transfer Policy for Community Hospitals.pdf Adoption Record Keeping Protocol.pdf Allegations of Abuse.pdf Anaphylaxis Recognition & Treatment Policy .pdf Annual Leave Policy.pdf Anti Bribery Policy .pdf Bariatric Patients Policy.pdf Blood glucose and blood ketone monitoring policy.pdf Blood Transfusion Policy.pdf Bullying and Harassment Policy.pdf Business Conduct, Conflicts of Interest and Gifts and Hospitalities.pdf Business Continuity Policy.pdf Business Continuity Procedure.pdf CCTV Policy (LCHS owned sites).pdf Chaperone Policy.pdf Claims Management Policy.pdf Clinical Audit Policy and Procedures.pdf Clinical Supervision.pdf Clinical Technology Standards Policy.pdf Communications Policy.pdf Complaints Policy.pdf Consent to Examination or Treatment Policy.pdf Corporate Health and Safety Policy.pdf Countering Fraud Bribery and Corruption Policy and Response Plan.pdf Data Protection Policy.pdf Death in Service Policy.pdf Development and Control of Patient Group Directions (PGD).pdf Disclosure and Barring Service Policy.pdf Display Screen Equipment Policy.pdf Education Examinations Policy.pdf Education, Training & Development Policy.pdf Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response (EPRR) Policy.pdf Employment Break Policy.pdf Evacuation and Shelter Policy.pdf Expenses Policy.pdf Family Leave Policy.pdf Fire Safety Policy.pdf Flexible Working Policy (including agile working).pdf Formulary of Wound Management Products.pdf Freedom to Speak Up : Raising Concerns (Whistleblowing) Policy.pdf Grievance and Resolution Policy and Procedure.pdf Guidelines for Managers and Employees for Staff Experiencing or Affected by Domestic Abuse.pdf Incident Reporting Policy.pdf Inclement Weather Policy.pdf Induction Policy.pdf Infection Prevention Policy.pdf Information Governance Management Policy.pdf Information Risk Policy.pdf Information Security Policy.pdf Insulin and non-insulin injectable therapy administration policy.pdf Intellectual Property Policy.pdf Interpretation and Translation .pdf LCHS policy for the Administration of Injectable Medications By A Healthcare Practitioner (Trainee Associate Nurses, Senior Healthcare Support Worker or Allied Health Professional).pdf Learning from Deaths: Mortality Review Policy.pdf Lease car scheme Policy.pdf Lincolnshire wide Policy for the Assessment and Provision of Mouth Care (Adult Mouth Care).pdf Lockdown of a Trust Premise, Site or Building Policy.pdf Lone Worker Policy.pdf Maintaining The Cold Chain - The control and monitoring of storage temperatures of medicinal products.pdf Management of Arrangements Where the Deceased has no Relatives or Next of Kin.pdf Management of Eating and Drinking and Swallowing Difficulties (Oropharyngeal Dysphagia) Policy.pdf Management of External Agency Visits Inspections and Accreditations Policy.pdf Management of Medication Errors Policy.pdf Management of Relationships in the Workplace Policy.pdf Management of Waste Policy.pdf Managing and Supporting People Through Organisational Change.pdf Managing Stress at Work.pdf Manual Handling Policy.pdf Medical Appraisal to Support Medical Revalidation Policy.pdf Medical Devices Policy.pdf Medical Gases Policy.pdf Mental Capacity Act Including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards.pdf Mobile Phone and Access Policy.pdf Multi-Professional Preceptorship Policy.pdf NHSX_Records_Management_CoP_V7.pdf NICE implementation policy.pdf Open and Honest Care Policy (incorporating Duty of Candour).pdf Overpayment Policy.pdf P_CS_62 Medicines Assistance Administration Policy for Skilled Non Registered Staff v1.pdf Patient Identification Policy.pdf Peripheral venous cannulation policy.pdf Physiological Observations Policy.pdf Policy for Administation of Intravenous Drugs and Fluids.pdf Policy for Anticipatory Prescribing and Supply of Palliatve Care Medications for Adults.pdf Policy for Developing Local Guidelines & Operating Procedures for Clinical Diagnostic Tests & Screening.pdf Policy for Prescribing, Supply, Storage and Disposal of Controlled Drugs.pdf Policy for the Management of Slips, Trips and Falls - Clinical.pdf Policy for the preloading of insulin syringes for patients to administer at home.pdf Policy for use of the CME McKinley T34 Syringe Driver for Adults in Palliative Care.pdf Policy Implementation Plan Template.doc Prescribing Policy.pdf Prevent Strategy Policy.pdf Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism Policy.pdf Procedural Documents Framework.pdf Production of Patient Information.pdf Professional Registration Policy.pdf Protocol and Procedure for Accessing External Legal Advice.pdf Records Management Policy.pdf Recruitment Selection and Secondment Policy.pdf ReSPECT Policy.pdf Resuscitation Policy.pdf Retirement Policy.pdf Risk Assessment Form.doc Risk Feeding Policy.pdf Risk Management Strategy.pdf Risk Matrix.doc Roles, Responsibilities and Competencies for Clinical Staff (Bands 2-8a) Policy.pdf Root Cause Analysis Toolkit - Incident Investigation (1).doc Roster Policy.pdf Safe and Secure Handling of Medicines.pdf Safe Use of Bedrails in the Community.pdf Safeguarding Adults Policy .pdf Safeguarding Children Policy.pdf Safeguarding Supervision Policy.pdf Schedule of Matters Reserved to the Board and Scheme Of Delegation.pdf Security Policy and Strategy.pdf Self Administration of Medicines in Community Hospitals & Butterfly Hospice.pdf Sepsis Recognition Policy.pdf Serious Incident Policy.pdf Smoke-free Policy.pdf Social Media & Networking Policy.pdf Special Leave Policy.pdf Standing Financial Instructions.pdf Standing Orders Policy.pdf Subcutaneous Injections in Community Palliative Care.pdf Substance Misuse Policy.pdf Temporary Staffing Policy.pdf Transcription of Medicines in Exceptional Circumstances.pdf Transfer of Care Policy.pdf Treasury Management Policy.pdf TU Recognition Agreement.pdf Uniform and Dress Code Policy.pdf Venepuncture Policy.pdf Verification of Death Policy.pdf Violence Prevention and Reduction Strategy.pdf Violence Prevention Reduction and Management of Violence and Aggression Policy.pdf VIPs and Protected Persons Plan.pdf Was Not Brought Policy.pdf Working Capital Management Policy.pdf Your Attendance Matters (Including Ill Health and Absence).pdf Your Behaviour Matters - Disciplinary Policy & Procedure incorporating investigation process.pdf Your Equality & Diversity Matters Policy .pdf Your Performance Matters.pdf
Date Last Modified 02/03/2022