Clinical Services

G_CS_82 Assessment and Provision of Mouth Care Sept 17 P_CS_03 Policy for use of the CME McKinley T34 Syringe Driver for Adults in Palliative Care P_CS_05 VTE Prevention Policy P_CS_06 Admission Discharge and Transfer Policy for Community Hospitals P_CS_08 Resuscitation Policy P_CS_09 Medical Devices Policy P_CS_10 Clinical Diagnostic Tests and Screening Procedures Policy P_CS_11 Blood Transfusion Policy P_CS_15 Adoption Record Keeping Protocol P_CS_16 Physiological Observations P_CS_18 Policy for Anticipatory Prescribing and Supply of Palliatve Care Medications for Adults P_CS_19 Safe Use of Bedrails in the Community P_CS_20 Subcutaneous Injections in Community Palliative Care P_CS_22 Preceptorship Policy P_CS_24 Patient Identification Policy P_CS_25 Non Medical Prescribing Policy P_CS_26 Wound Management Formulary P_CS_29 Clinical Supervision P_CS_31 Verification of Death Policy P_CS_32 Anaphylactic Reaction Management Procedure P_CS_33 Self Administration of Medicines in Community Hospitals P_CS_35 Bariatric Policy P_CS_37 Transcription of Medicines in Exceptional Circumstances P_CS_38 Acupuncture Policy P_CS_42 Mental Capacity Act Including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards P_CS_45 Was Not Brought Policy P_CS_46 Medical Gases Policy P_CS_47 Risk Feeding Policy P_CS_48 Diabetes Management Policy and Guidelines P_CS_49 Sepsis Screening Policy P_CS_50 LCHS policy for the Administration of Injectable Medications By Health Care Support Workers Associate Nurses and Allied Health Professionals P_CS_51 SOP for Early Intervention Vehicle P_CS_52 Peripheral venous cannulation policy P_CS_53 Venepuncture P_CS_54 ReSPECT Policy
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